Call Me Crazy, But Here I Go Blogging Again

Here I go again, blogging.  Just a few weeks after letting Debt Discipline go, I’m back at it on a new blog. The goal here is going to be a bit different.

My Debt Discipline blog followed a very windy road. It was initially started to stay connected to the personal finance community as my family and I worked our way out of $109,000 of consumer debt. For the first two years, it was really a diary of our journey out of debt.

After a few years, I realized I could help others in need of personal finance information too. I could be a voice for other families looking to get out of debt. If our family of five could dump out debt, so could others. Heck, I think we have a compelling personal story, too.

That’s when I really got hooked on the idea of championing financial literacy. There was a gap in the market. The basics of financial education were not being taught on any consistent level.

I experienced it first hand through the classes and work my three children were tasked with within our school district. I reach out to our superintendent, and she was interested in parent, and community feedback.

I got involved, joined several committees, and began to change how financial education was being viewed on a local level. We were now debt-free, and really feeling the momentum of that accomplishment. I started sharing our story locally at libraries, sharing the information I had gained, and helping others with their finances.

It was a high point for me and my family. It was at that point that I pivoted again on the blog. I really started focusing on turning it into a business to make extra money.

Last year I was featured on Good Morning America, I was asked by a financial company to be a brand ambassador, including a free trip to FinCon (personal finance convention), and joined a blogging mastermind group.

My, our momentum was never bigger. Still the underlying audience at my then blog Debt Discipline never really grew. Even with the help of the mastermind group for over a year. I did have a few traffic peaks, but it was never sustained. This was no fault of the group. I learned a ton about blogging, unfortunately, I had not been a good steward of SEO, and failed to really build a proper blogging foundation. 

I was naive in the early days. The daily grind of running a blog, producing content, and SEO research is a bit much for a one-man show, but when you have 5 or 6 years of mistakes to undo, it can become overwhelming.

Not to mention my full time IT project manager position, husband, dad of three, and head dog walker of our two pups.

So that’s why I finally threw in the towel at Debt Discipline.

Doing It Different This Time

It didn’t take me long to realize I still want to be involved in helping and teaching others about debt, and money. I also had two of my very first products, a workbook, and a course in the works.

So how was I going to market these products without a platform? Honestly, with the success of social media influencers, I’m not sure I even need a blog. It however is what I know best.

My goal is not to post content on any schedule. When I have a topic I want to write about I will. My main goal is to finalize the workbook and course as resources for those looking to improve their Call financial acumen and still have my own outlet to write when I want to.

Call me crazy, but here I go again.